About Us
Professional Visitors
Surface treatment (electroplating, coating, thermal spray, hot dipping, conversion film etc.) processing enterprises;
Technical director and technical staff form motor vehicles and parts, home appliances, telecommunication products, IT, hardware, electronic circuit boards, lighting, toys, toiletries, aerospace, shipbuilding and other manufacturing companies;
Design and engineering personnel;
Industry experts;
Surface Engineering Researchers.
Concurrent Activities
ProSF 2017 Annual Conference
Surface Engineering Technology facing Intelligent Manufacturing & Green Manufacturing
1) Opening Ceremony of CSEA Annual Conference & ProSF Forum
2) Thermal Spraying Industry Forum
3) Cleaner Production & Environmental Technology Seminar
4) Functional Surface Treatment Technology Seminar
5) Workshop on Trivalent Chromium Technology in Hard Plating
Meet the CSEA Experts
International Surface Finishing Forum
2017 China-Japan-South Korea Exchange of Electroplating Industry
The 8th Members Meeting and the 1st meeting of the 8th council of Plating Division of China Surface Engineering Association

Exhibition Highlights
Technical seminars
Well-known industry experts will provide free technical advice onsite during exhibition;
Many countries will participate in the exhibition in international exhibition area;
Electroplating Park Exhibitors are joined.

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