Information / About the show

Exhibition Period : Oct.30th–Nov.1st 2019

Exhibition Location : Shanghai New International Expo Centre

Organizers : China Surface Engineering Association

Contractor : Shanghai Ying Zhan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.


Professional Visitors

■ Surface treatment (electroplating, coating,  thermal spray, hot dipping, conversion film etc.) processing enterprises;

■ Technical director and technical staff form motor vehicles and parts, home appliances,  telecommunication products, IT, hardware, electronic circuit boards, lighting, toys, toiletries, aerospace, shipbuilding and other manufacturing companies;

■ Design and engineering personnel;

■ Industry experts;

■ Surface Engineering Researchers.



Concurrent Activities

■ ProSF 2018 Annual Conference

Surface Engineering Technology facing Intelligent Manufacturing & Green Manufacturing

1) Opening Ceremony of CSEA Annual Conference & ProSF Forum

2) Thermal Spraying Industry Forum

3) Cleaner Production & Environmental Technology Seminar

4) Functional Surface Treatment Technology Seminar

5) Workshop on Trivalent Chromium Technology in Hard Plating

■ Meet the CSEA Experts

■ International Surface Finishing Forum

■ 2018 China-Japan-South Korea Exchange of Electroplating Industry

■ The 8th Members Meeting and the 1st meeting of the 8th council of Plating Division of China Surface Engineering Association



Exhibition Highlights

■  Well-known industry experts will provide free technical advice onsite during exhibition;  

■  Many countries will participate in the exhibition in international exhibition area;

■  Electroplating Park Exhibitors are joined.


Strong Industry Resources and Support

■  Surface treatment process is a processing technology required by a wide group of industries;

■ CSEA has nearly 1,300 member companies, the association consists of 10 branch and professional committees, and plays a huge influence on the industry;

■  The association attract many industry manufacturers to participate, variety activities will be held during exhibition.

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