Exhibiting / Exhibits range

1. Plating: Materials and chemicals / Intermediate / Equipment, production line and accessories / Testing and monitoring equipment;

2. Coating: Automotive coating / Powder coating / Anti-corrosion coating / Non-stick paint / Marine paint;  

3. Materials and equipment for coating / Painting robot / Recovery plant Electrophoresis equipment / Dacromet equipment;  

4. Equipment for shot/sand blasting, drawbench and polishing;

5. Chemical oxidizing and anodizing for Aluminum, Magnesium and Titanium alloy / Anti-fading for Copper and Silver alloy / Zinc plating passive / Coloring of stainless     steel / Blueing and phosphating of steel;

6. Equipment for waste water and gas treatment, Quality testing equipment, Process control equipment;

7. Hot spraying equipment;

8. Environmental friendly zinc and aluminum solution, surface coating materials, lubricant, intelligent coating equipment for zinc and aluminum coating etc;

9. Vacuum plating, Ion plating, PVD&CVD;

10. Anti-corrosion materials and its application; Anti-rust materials and its application;

11. Materials and equipment for hot dipping;

12. Surface finishing industrial parks.

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